Eat Your Way Through LEGOLAND Florida Resort!

Every wanted to eat your way through LEGOLAND?!! Tess Koman from Delish was up for the challenge and came out to try some of our delicious food items around the park. Check it out!

Granny’s Apple Fries

When I inquired after the park’s most iconic of foods, I was pointed immediately to the apple fries, which are French fry-shaped sticks of Granny Smith apples served with whipped cream or vanilla soft serve ice cream and caramel drizzle. They are perfect parts moist, crunchy, and squishy and are—and I cannot emphasize this enough—divine.

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

At first glance, this buffet’s got something for everyone: pizza (duh), pasta (duh), and more pizza and pasta. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find gems like this berry Nutella pie, which is lovingly covered with vanilla glaze and is perfect for sharing…after you crush your savory pizzas, of course.

Dragon’s Den

Sure, you could opt for the turkey leg (or, as they call it in LEGOLAND, the dragon leg), but this little nook also serves Loaded Tots that are spicy and cheesy and way more exciting than straight meat to the face. You’re welcome! You’re so welcome.

Taco Everyday

LEGOLAND is arguably the most kid-friendly theme park in Florida (trust me: I saw much fewer childless millennials than I have elsewhere), and Taco Everyday is a perfect example of why. Adults can get run-of-the-mill, delicious “big bites” tacos, and kids, in the same place, can get pink- or blue-shelled tacos that are much less complex and friendlier for the under-12 bunch.

Panini Grill

Come for the absurd amount of avocado on the sandwiches. Stay for the warm pretzel buns.

Funnel Cake Factory

I, funnel cake expert, cannot recommend the Funnel Cake Factory selections enough. The OG selection is lush and dense, and the crazier options (see: the cheesecake cube-covered debacle above) are sweet and super fun. Get ’em all. Have a party.

Kick’n Chicken Co.

Have you ever had a chicken sandwich whose buns are cinnamon sugar waffles? I certainly hadn’t. Until Winter Haven, FL.

Kingdom Cones

If there’s a ‘grammable food option in the park, it’s pretty much everything happening at Kingdom Cones. You have the option to swirl a vibrant color/flavor through your soft serve, resulting in this gorgeousness. Yum.

P.S. Sick of eating (lol) but still want to keep at your food-related activities? The park’s new Masters of Flight ride features cotton candy-scented air that is both delicious and trippy. A delightful combo!

-Tess Koman, Features Editor – Delish

*Photography by Chelsea Lupkin

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