LEGOLAND Exclusives in The Big Shop

Part of the exciting theme park allure is finding special items that can help capture your memories in distinctive memorabilia. I’m going to go help you locate some of our coolest (and not so secret, anymore) merchandise that is exclusive to LEGOLAND. The Big Shop has a wide range of items to add both subtle admiration and colossal artful affection. We have things that fit tiny fingers all the way up to ornaments that decorate your most cozy spaces.

We all remember our first time getting behind the wheel of a car and feeling our foot hit the gas pedal as the engine roared. There is a special set to commemorate the Driving School experience that can be found only at LEGOLAND resorts. This set comes with 2 traffic cones, 2 traffic lights, stop sign and a raised pedestrian crossing, plus a buildable LEGOLAND sign with flowers and 2 printed driving license elements. The set also includes 4 minifigures: a LEGOLAND Model Citizen, boy, girl and a mom.

Whether ye came t’see dragons or catch Brickbeard in our ski show, we have a colorful frame o’ bricks  t’help capture yer day o’awesome. Follow the building instructions to create the brick-based LEGOLAND landscape and hearty pirate.



Are you a fan of minifigures? Of course you are. There’s an opportunity to carry a girl or boy figure with you wherever you go, swaying from your key ring–dressed in a stylish I heart LEGOLAND t-shirt. Each magnetic minifigure is mounted to a 2×4 brick and has a moveable head and arms. You can put your most treasured mini friends on any magnetic surface including the fridge or a locker.


Enjoy your favorite cold drinks from this semi-transparent LEGOLAND Tumbler complete with a fun pirate, dragon and LEGO® brick graphics. This tumbler holds 265ml and measures over 3 inches tall.




Surviving the Dragon coaster is a big deal. Ollie takes you on an enchanting ride through a castle then blasts you between daring twists and turns outside. Exclusive to LEGOLAND resorts, these super soft and huggable Ollie and Olivia stuffed characters can be found in The Big Shop.



Additional exclusives can also be found in The Big Shop and our Model Citizens are happy to help you locate them! If you’re in need of a gift, any of the above items would be a great way to tell someone that you’re desperately ready for another thrilling adventure where AWESOME is always included.

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