Exploring Cypress Gardens at LEGOLAND Florida

As the weather turns cooler, consider exploring Cypress Gardens nestled on the northern end of the LEGOLAND Florida by Pirate’s Cove and included with admission. When LEGOLAND Florida opened seven years ago, it took over the site of Cypress Gardens. Walking through nature’s beauty and smelling a variety of beautiful flowers is sure to add another dimension to a memorable LEGOLAND vacation. A stroll through this historic botanical garden, known for its horticultural masterpieces and waterski shows dating back to the 1930s, is very peaceful and a relaxed way to introduce children to some of Florida’s natural splendor.

Several different types of birds can frequently be spotted wading along the shoreline, including Great Blue Herons, egrets, ibis, and anhingas. Overhead, ospreys are often circling and watching the lake trying to catch fish, and the lucky visitor might even be able to spot a bald eagle or a roseate spoonbill.

Highlights that make for great photo opportunities (and a fun “I Spy” adventure) include the Buddha garden, the Florida pool and a gigantic banyan tree that is nearly 80 years old! Exploring Cypress Gardens is fun and educational for all ages, and a perfect spot to get your kids engaged in nature.

Here are some ideas to occupy your kids when visiting the garden:

  • Have children spot different kinds of birds. How many kinds do you see? How do you know they are different? If you see a flock of birds, how many are there?
  • What kinds of different flowers do you see throughout the gardens? What colors are they? Do any have a fragrance (hint: gardenia and frangipani)?
  • What kinds of trees can you find? Are there flowering trees? Trees with needles or leaves? Are any of the trees fruit bearing? How about a tree that grows in the water?

Find a bench, relax and keep your eyes open to enjoy the unexpected beauty and serenity that exist within the LEGOLAND Park. Exploring this unique and unexpected area as a family is sure to make your vacation richer and more memorable.

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