How to Plan Your KIDZ BOP Weekend

Last year, we had the opportunity to host the #1 music brand for kids at LEGOLAND and it was a rockin’ good time! The KIDZ BOP Kids are back this year and bigger than ever. The crew has grown in size, which means more opportunities to hear, meet, and snap a selfie with the kids!

For an overview of the event, visit here, but keep reading if you want to plan the ultimate KIDZ BOP Weekend! I can speak from experience, that these kids are extremely talented and worth spending the day with!

Morning: Hop on Rides & Rock Out

A visit to LEGOLAND isn’t complete without jumping on some rides! Before doing all-things KIDZ BOP, enjoy some thrills on The Dragon coaster or Mia’s Riding Adventure.

On the way to the stadium, grab an exclusive event snack such as Rockin’ Rockstar PB&J, Thundering Drum Stix, or the Singing Microphone and chow down while you find the hidden music notes in Miniland. After taste testing (somebody’s got to do it!), my personal favorite was the PB&J!

Attend the first KIDZ BOP live concert of the day because it will be less crowded.  Head to the stadium around 11:15am to ensure you get a great seat. Music will be playing so you can warm up those dance moves before the concert begins at 11:45am.

Afternoon: Meet The KIDZ BOP Kids

Immediately after the concert, head over to Heartlake Hall to take a photo with the kids at 1:00pm!

Another opportunity to meet the kids is during the autograph session. LEGO Factory is not only home to our KIDZ BOP merchandise, but the kids will be onsite for autographs.  This provides the opportunity to grab a CD and get it autographed for the ultimate take-home memory!

Evening: More Rides…

Save The Great LEGO Race for the end! While everyone is attending the 5:00pm KIDZ BOP Concert, jump onto The Great LEGO Race to enjoy both the ride and the music!

This jam-packed day will leave you hungry. On the way out of the park, stop into LEGOLAND Hotel or LEGOLAND Beach Retreat for dinner! The restaurants are fully themed, next to the park and open to guests even if they are not spending the night.

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