5 treats on the Brick or Treat Trail that don’t include candy

Pirates, witches, ghosts, and goblins all gather for candy on the Brick or Treat Trail! Kids can trick-or-treat for sweets along our famous and festive path but Airheads and M&M’s are not all that’s out there. The Brick or Treat Trail includes some treats that have nothing to do with candy! Here are 5 of them:


1. As you enter the trail, allow Willa the Witch to welcome you onto our kooky path (don’t worry, she’s a friendly witch!)

2. Get into the fall spirit with our LEGO Pumpkin patch – it’s the perfect fall photo-op!

3. You may even get to hear stand-up from our Scare Crows! Hopefully, their jokes won’t be too corn-y!

4. Just past our pumpkin patch, things get a little spookier in our LEGO Graveyard where your LEGO friends rest in LEGO pieces.

5. As you receive your goodies, you’ll get to meet and interact with exciting characters like a vampyre, a mad scientist, a ghost and more!


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