New Show! Weekends in October

A Candy-Coated Curse

At the newly opened City Stage presented by Wells Fargo, a fun musical show is performing during weekends in October for the whole family to sing and clap along! I had the pleasure of meeting the friendly werewolf, candy witch, smart scientist and bumblebee last week and can confirm that they are buzzing with excitement for the show to begin!

A Candy-Coated Curse features upbeat songs, energetic choreography through talented singers and dancers.  The audience will follow the story of some curious ‘Brick or Treaters’ as they stumble upon an old, rundown City Hall building, and choose to explore the haunted halls. They soon after realize they aren’t alone and need the magic and help from the audience to try to break the silly curse!

Experience this friendly, not frightening show during weekends in October to find out if the audience has what it takes to break the curse!

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