Meet the Brick Builders

The LEGO City Brick Builders have been a big hit with kids at LEGOLAND this summer! Learn about this wacky crew in our seasonal live show, and then come meet them on weekends until September 16th!


Boss is the head of LEGO City’s most elite brick and knob configuration division, the Brick Builders! She is a leader who knows how to get things done in high pressure situations, even when she doesn’t have a lot to work with!

Boss is always tempted to join the fun with the crew, but knows when to snap out of it and put her foot down.


Frank has a heart that is bigger than his brain and will never let you down! He trusts his best buddy Hank, even when it gets them into trouble. His lack of experience and clumsiness doesn’t make things easy, but he knows that nothing is worth doing if you don’t have to do it twice.


Hank has assured his best pal Frank that joining the Brick Builders is the best way to goof off and get paid for it. He has skills to spare as things tend to come easily for him, but he focuses those talents on pranks instead of productivity.

Hank frequently gives Frank a hard time, but knows they are in this job together. Even if they can’t stay out of each other’s way, they will always have their buddy’s back.

Join the LEGO City Brick Builders as they try to muster their wacky crew to complete their latest construction job before they rest for the season. Experience the show on Saturdays and Sundays until September 16th!

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