We’re built for little kids too

LEGOLAND is built for ALL kids- and that includes our littlest brick lovers! While theme parks may seem like an overwhelming place to bring your little ones, here at LEGOLAND Florida Resort we pride ourselves in being able to provide an awesome experience for you and your little one. (Many thanks to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center!)

One of the best amenities we have for our little ones is our Baby Care Center – presented by Heart of Florida. Our Baby Care Center is located in the DUPLO Barn in the middle of DUPLO Valley – the area of the park where our smallest guests can take control! Your little one can splash around with farm animals in the DUPLO Splash & Play, take a ride on the DUPLO Train and when it’s time to get some much-needed AC, they can relax in the DUPLO Farm area where they can slide and climb around on a whole host of farm animals!


The best part about the DUPLO Farm for little ones is the Baby Care Center located at the back of the barn! This area provides 3 private nursing areas and 4 changing areas, as well as a bottle warming station and more!

Sound too good to be true? Check it out!

That’s right! A designated area for your little one to play AND get taken care of – sounds pretty awesome to us! Thanks, Heart of Florida!

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