It doesn't get much better than chocolate milk after a long day of riding roller coasters! Wait, it does at Skyline Lounge inside the LEGOLAND Hotel!

Skyline has a list of signature cocktails and kid-friendly mocktails to satisfy LEGOLAND-goers from 2 to 99-years-old. Check out what's on the menu for your next visit with us!

If you love chocolate milk and s'mores, you'll love COCOAMOTION

What's in it?

Chocolate milk, marshmallow bits, chocolate syrup drizzle and graham cracker pieces.

Mom approved PIÑA COLADA

What's in it?

An icy mixture of rum and pineapple topped with juicy fruit and whipped cream.

Below, bartender Bailey is showing off his skills with a brand-new featured cocktail - LEMONADE STRAWBERRY BREEZE

What's in it?

Fresh lemonade with strawberries with Tito's vodka served over ice

SUN AND SURF, simple syrup and sprite with a grenadine and lifesaver gummy float

What's in it?

Simple syrup and sprite with a grenadine and lifesaver gummy float.

Which tasty drink is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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