Souvenirs are a great way to remember the awesome time spent at LEGOLAND Florida Resort! Picking out the perfect memento is half the fun and creating the keepsake yourself increases the meaning that much more! After searching the Park, I wanted to share my favorite finds:

1. Engraved Key Chains
If you are like me, and have a unique spelling of your name, it can be challenging to find those mementos with your name on the item. That’s why I was so excited to learn that you can engrave your name on a LEGO® key chain at LEGO® Factory Experience. Simply pick out the color of the LEGO brick key chain and bring it to the model citizen (employee) at the front of the store. Fill out the factory engraving form with the font and message you want engraved on the brick. The engraving process only takes about 5 minutes; so feel free to browse the store while you wait. Afterwards, you’ll have an awesome customized key chain to display on your backpack, keys or beach bag.

Engraved Key Chains

2. Pressed Pennies
This is one of my favorite inexpensive souvenirs to create when on vacation! Before leaving for your trip, stop by the bank and pick up a roll of quarters and a roll of shiny pennies. Then when you play in the Park, be on the lookout for the penny press machines scattered throughout the Park. With so many different designs, you are sure to find a penny that captures your favorite vacation moment. I love creating pennies with my favorite land, ride or attraction and this activity is so interactive and fun for kids of all ages! A bonus tip – if you need a place to store your pressed pennies, The Big Shop sells awesome pressed penny folders.

Pressed Pennies

3. Minifigures
This next souvenir is a LEGOLAND favorite! In my last blog post, I mentioned that creating a minifigure to trade is one of the top first visit must dos at the Park; creating minifigures is also one of my favorite souvenirs from LEGOLAND. Stop by Minifigure Market for the best selection of minifigure parts. Build one or many minifigures and handpick the hair, hat, head, body and legs – don’t forget the accessories too! An exclusive way to personalize the minifigure is to incorporate the “I Love LEGOLAND” t-shirt into your design. Display your minifigures when you return home to remember your trip to LEGOLAND Florida!


4. Build a Model: Ollie the Dragon
Another fun souvenir found at LEGO Factory Experience, an exclusive to LEGOLAND Florida, is the Build a Model. This unique souvenir allows you to handpick the bricks from the Pick-A-Brick Wall. Package up all the pieces needed to create the featured model, which right now is Ollie the Dragon! My favorite coaster at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is The Dragon, and this is the perfect souvenir to relive the excitement of this iconic coaster. This souvenir is so unique because you package up the pieces and take it home, where you can later assemble the model! This is the perfect souvenir to spend some time reminiscing your awesome time before planning your next trip of course!

Build a Model: Ollie the Dragon

Which awesome souvenir did you create during your last LEGOLAND Florida Resort visit?

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