Inside the Making of a Brick & Boom Fireworks Celebration

Did you know the origins of fireworks date back 1000 years? According to most historians, the Chinese originally used fireworks to ward off evil spirits! Fireworks have come a long way in 1000 years and are now used for entertainment and celebration! Have you ever wondered, as I have, what goes into making a modern day fireworks show?

I interviewed Jaime Becerra, one of our awesome Model Citizens (fancy term for employees) from our Entertainment Tech team to learn what it takes to plan a fireworks show. I learned several things about the planning process, such as the development begins 7-12 months in advance; however, the more interesting part is the technical bit, which is best stated from Jaime’s words!

Q: How many people does it take to run a firework spectacular?

A: The fireworks team consists of several people, including a Main Shooter, 4 loaders, and 3 Pyro Assists. The lights, music and fireworks are all synced with time code from a computer and sent to other consoles, so people do not need to manually ignite the fireworks. The Main Shooter sits in the tech booth onsite and is in charge of the preshow continuity checks and monitors weather, particularly wind direction and instructs the Pyro Assists on any changes.  The four loaders spend their day loading the product and wiring it.  Two Pyro Assists start on the water and are in charge of the positioning several pyro barges. The land Pyro Assist gives directions to the two out on the water to ensure proper placement of the barges.  Once barges are placed, they ensure continuity with the Main Shooter, and then take their places on land to act as spotters for falling debris.  In order to create a full spectacular we also have several audio and lighting techs, as well as a full usher team to assist with the guests.

Q: What types of fireworks and other special effects are used during a show?

A: The majority of the fireworks are aerial, but we also use red strobe nautical with ground fireworks and of course accompany the show with themed lighting and festive music. For aerial fireworks, we like to use fireworks with a pyro technic tail so you can watch the lights go up to add to the interactive experience with your 3D glasses.

Q: The 3D glasses are amazing, can you tell me a little more about them?

A: We hand out special viewing glasses with special holographic lenses that turn the light from the fireworks into 2×2 LEGO bricks. The glasses immerse you into the experience and enhance the theming of the show. These are free for guests and act as a great souvenir to take home.

Q: What is your favorite part about the show?



“After the finale when you hear the roar of the crowd, it makes all the prep and planning worth it!”

Want to see it for yourself? Join us for Red, White & Boom this July 4 where you can dance the night away, build a patriotic creation and enjoy the biggest fireworks spectacular of the year, featuring festive music and star spangled lights during the Brick & Boom Fireworks Celebration!

For more information or to book your tickets to attend Red, White and Boom, click here.

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