Last week we introduced you to Angelisa, a Master Model Builder who says landing the role was purely a matter of luck!  This week, we continue our inside look at the personal journey of each of our Master Model Builders, in their own words.

Meet David!

I started building at about 8 or 9 years old, slowing down in my teen years but never stopping completely.  But did I ever think my hobby would become my job? No!

I started working in the park in the education department for nearly a year.  While I was interviewing for that position I shared models I had built and photos.  When a position became available in the Model Shop, my Human Resources representative remembered my builds and found me to let me know a position had become available.

I continue to build at home creating robots and Mech (action figures) versus statues.  Which means building with LEGO is my hobby and my career.

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