Having fun in the sun? Go “Bananas” and apply your sunscreen!

We’ve all been there…You’re at your favorite theme park and having a great day and then before you know it, you look in the mirror and uh-oh, you’ve already got sunburn! Here at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, we want you to stay safe and protect yourself from the sun as much as possible.  That’s why we offer Banana Boat sun care products in most of our Retail locations.  Whether you’re like me with fair skin and burn easily or you have a complexion that isn’t quite as prone to burning, everyone needs some sort of protection from the Florida sunshine.  The great thing about Banana Boat products is there is a large variety of products and SPFs to choose from!  And in case you forget to apply your sunscreen and start to notice a little pink (or yikes, red!) on your skin, we’ve got you covered there too with Banana Boat’s aloe burn relief products.

So, whether you’re floating in the Lazy River at the LEGOLAND Water Park, soaking in the LEGOLAND Hotel pool or in the park riding your favorite ride, make sure you’re going “Bananas” and applying your sunscreen liberally and often.

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