LEGO Minifigure 40th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

It’s party time at LEGOLAND Florida! We are celebrating the 40th birthday of the LEGO Minifigure! We've placed Series 18 LEGO Minifigures on the brick badges of our Model Citizens around LEGOLAND Florida Resort for you to trade with! Read the riddles below to help you find all of these ready-to-party LEGO Minifigures around our resort!



Elephant Suit Girl

On this ride you’ll see lions and tigers - Oh my! Where am I?

Balloon Artist

Find me in a colorful and creative place, kind of like the paint on my face.

Fireworks Guy

When you light me up, I fly high. When you are on this ride, you pull yourself towards the sky.

Purple Balloon Balloon Fan Girl

We’re happy you’re here, we think you’re great, come to us and we’ll help you celebrate. Another year older, let everyone know. Where can you go to let it show?

Dragon Suit Guy

It’s time to soar, it’s time to fly. Where can you go to find this guy?

Classic Police Officer

Don’t forget to stop or we might meet, where can you go to learn the rules of the street?

Spider Suit Guy

Creepy, crawly, black and white, what game can you play where I’m in sight?

Birthday Cake Guy

It’s time for fun in the sun, find me at the place that’s about to turn one?

Cactus Suit Girl

I grow in the heat where you’d work up a thirst, but you can find me where you’ll refresh yourself first.

Cat Suit Minifigure

Grab your LEGO friends and find me in the purr-fect place to shop!

Race Car Guy

You’ll wear a headset on your face, did you come here ready to race?

Flower Pot Girl

Don't take me for granted although I am planted. You’ll know you’re here when farm animals are near.

Cowboy Guy

Round and Round, it’s time for a ride. Gallop on over and find me inside.

Orange Balloon Fan Boy

Headed to a party, is it mine? Pop inside and many gifts you will find. 

Unicorn Knight

You’ve conquered the dragon, now stop here. You’ll find me among the royal souvenirs.

Blue Brick Girl & Red Brick Guy

You’ll see me floating by as you stare into the sky. Where am I?

Happy trading! Our LEGO Minifigure scavenger hunt will be taking place while supplies last. Series 18 LEGO Minifigures can be purchased inside The Big Shop near the front of the park.

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